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Housing Assistance Options Policy

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How long can I stay? Generally, tenants of affordable housing enter into a lease for a fixed term and you will need to continue to meet the eligibility criteria during the tenancy. As long as you remain eligible for affordable housing the lease can generally be renewed or continued. How is affordable housing different to social housing? Affordable housing is not the same as social housing. You do not have to be eligible for social housing to apply for affordable housing, though people who are eligible for social housing may also be eligible for affordable housing properties.

Affordable housing is open to a broader range of household incomes than social housing, so you can earn more income and still be eligible. Rent is also calculated differently and there are different tenancy arrangements. Some affordable housing properties may be available to some applicants on the NSW Housing Register, and also to people who are leaving social housing. To apply To apply for affordable housing, contact the managers of the properties directly. Affordable housing is only available in some locations and this contact list outlines these areas. However there is no guarantee that a suitable property will be available so please contact the managers directly for further information.

You will need to apply separately to each manager in the locations you are interested in, just like you would if you were applying for a private rental property. You can apply to as many managers as you like and each application will be assessed separately according to the criteria. Most managers ask you to complete an application form and provide documents which support your submission. You will usually be asked to provide proof of Australian residency, identity, income, medical documents indicating any disabilities or serious health problems, rental history, personal references and other relevant information.

Your application will then be assessed for eligibility based on your information. The manager will let you know the outcome and if your application is successful. If there is no vacancy, you may be able to go on a waiting list, but these are not kept by all managers.

If the manager you have applied to keeps a waiting list, it is important to keep them up-to-date with any changes to your contact details or circumstances, so they can contact you if a property becomes available. For more information For more information about affordable housing, including details about eligibility, setting rent, lease arrangements and vacancies, please contact the affordable housing managers directly. Start with the managers located in the areas in which you want to live. Some questions you might ask managers include: Are there any vacancies at the moment? Rentstart Rentstart products provide financial assistance for eligible clients to help them set up or maintain a tenancy in the private rental market.

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There are five types of Rentstart assistance: Advance Rent — assistance for people experiencing severe financial barriers in accessing private rental accommodation. Rentstart Tenancy Assistance — assistance to maintain a private tenancy through help with payment of rental arrears. Temporary Accommodation — provides short term accommodation in low cost motels, caravan parks or similar for clients who are homeless. Rentstart Move — bond loan assistance for public housing tenants leaving public housing because they are ineligible for a further lease when their current fixed term lease ends.

For more information, see the Private Rental Assistance Policy. The amount of rent a client actually pays is similar to the amount they would pay as a social housing tenant. The eligibility criteria for a private rental subsidy will differ, depending on the type of subsidy a client may receive and provides a medium-term solution to access affordable accommodation while waiting for a suitable social housing property. For more information on private rental subsidies, see the Private Rental Assistance Policy. Emergency temporary accommodation FACS provides emergency temporary accommodation for up to three months for people who are not eligible for social housing, but who are experiencing a short-term housing crisis.

This type of assistance is only available to people who are in extreme situations. The intention is to assist people in the general community who are facing hardship due to a crisis or emergency, which has made them temporarily homeless. For more information, see the Eligibility for Social Housing Policy. Short-term and crisis accommodation Through a range of programs, some community housing organisations provide specialist, short-term and medium-term housing for people who are homeless, or who are at risk of becoming homeless and are in crisis. They provide these services in partnership with specialist support agencies that help people to settle into stable accommodation. Social housing Social housing provides secure, affordable housing for people with a housing need on low to moderate incomes.

Each provider manages their tenancies and client entitlements in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act and their own individual policies.

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For example, FACS offers all new tenants a fixed term tenancy of xssistance, five or ten years depending on their circumstances, whereas community housing providers may offer continuous agreements. Community housing providers may ask new tenants for a bond when starting a tenancy, whereas FACS will only ask tenants who cause significant damage to their FACS Housing property to pay a bond. Public housing FACS manages public housing properties. FACS either owns these properties or leases them from the private rental market. Community housing Community housing providers manage community housing properties.

These properties are either owned by the government, by the provider, or leased from the private rental market. Some providers also manage properties on behalf of other organisations under a 'fee for service' arrangement. Community housing providers offer general social housing services but are able to respond with specialist help in response to the needs of their tenants and the local community where these arrangements are in place. Community housing providers are regulated by the Registrar of Community Housing and offer crisis, transitional, general social and affordable housing. Community housing providers are primarily not-for-profit companies limited by guarantee, whose core business is the management of subsidised rental housing for lower income households.

Aboriginal housing Aboriginal housing is housing owned by the Aboriginal Housing Office. FACS manages most properties with tenancy conditions similar to those of public housing. Applicants who are Aboriginal or have an Aboriginal person living in their household can apply for Aboriginal housing. Applicants listed for Aboriginal housing must confirm their Aboriginality.

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