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Nashua River Rail Trail

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A group of Latinos, predominantly Dominican inmates, formed to protect themselves. Two members from Providence moved to the Nashua area. Word got out and members of another gang, Gangster Disciples, began harassing and assaulting the two men from Providence. Bier response, the two men began recruiting other Dominican men in the city. They formed their own ibker in and now have around 25 members. Such transiency is not uncommon. Jackson said many of the kids in the club have moved hto Lowell or Lawrence, stopped in Nashua, moved vae Manchester and then back. Often such movement is caused hof a lack of economic opportunities.

This is a result of our reliance on motor vehicles. And that is just physical movement. With the Internet, gang fantasies can spread like wildfire. She said kids watch fights on YouTube and record fights on zve phones. Blker has allowed the behavior to spread quickly. Jackson was Nashua ave hot biker shocked by how blatant the pictures are Nashha and how much gang members talk Nashuq their activities on their MySpace profiles. Kids can watch shows like Naashua on the History Channel and Nashuua. Gang Wars on National Hkt. With all these images and the fact that New Hampshire does not have a long violent history of gangs, Jackson said kids here can romanticize what it means to be in a gang.

Coulombe said he regularly attends seminars and conferences in other states. New Jersey, for example, experienced what New Hampshire is going through now two or three years ago. New Jersey officers can share with New Hampshire officers what they have seen. This allows New Hampshire to stay ahead of the issue. It also allows police departments to keep their overhead low. Detective Harrington is the only member of the Manchester Police Department who devotes all his time to gangs, according to Chief David Mara. Of course it is an issue that stretches across the entire department when needed, and in those times Harrington acts as a coordinator.

Ramsey said the FBI has a long history in New Hampshire and has a variety of task forces, besides those involved with gangs. Linehan said when his POP unit was established in it was not intended to work on gangs. But as things have progressed its members have dedicated more time and effort to the issue. However, they do deal with a variety of other crimes; for example, they recently brought down a chop shop that was operating in the city. The ability for gangs to spread is why the issue is not only a problem for cities. With much of the crime being directed toward rival gang members, why join a gang in the first place? The students have never felt pressure to join a gang and said the decision is ultimately up to the individual, but when pressure comes from the family it can be a difficult temptation to resist.

There is also the search for identity. Jackson said some of the members who join gangs are minorities who move to New Hampshire and find a demographic they were not anticipating. The most recent census data indicate that At its most basic, a gang is similar to any club. It is the violence that distinguishes it. How does such a drastic change occur? Typically, the more unusual or dangerous the behavior, the greater the variety of contributing factors. The first is the general desire to be part of something. This is why there are cliques in high school and even offices.

But it is at this age, as teens and young adults, that human beings are at their most aggressive.

Teens like finding venues in which they can explore their aggressive attitudes, according to Eckstein. Gangs also provide a certain level of anonymity. Even with all the boasting and bravado — wearing colors, flashing gang signs, etc. Quickly, your enemy becomes my enemy. While this may seem hard to believe — kids fighting other kids simply because they wear a different color — Eckstein said it is not much different than blind nationalism or even, yes, Red Sox vs. The researchers found people were more likely to help someone if he was wearing the jersey of the soccer team they supported, and less likely to help a person wearing a rival jersey.

While this is very black and white, Eckstein said developmentally this is where adolescents are.

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Getting out Law enforcement will continue to disrupt and afe the most violent yot. Linehan said they do this through intelligence gathering, information sharing with other law enforcement and federal agencies and investigations. If the FBI is involved in an indictment, Ramsey said, the guilty person is looking at 10 to 40 years in federal prison. Unfortunately, prisons can be a breeding ground for gangs. Coulombe said over the hor five years he has not seen an increase of suspected gang members but he has seen an increase in violent behavior within the prisons including extortion, assaults, forcing people to smuggle in drugs and charging rent for bier in a particular unit.

These are divided into eight units for general population and one unit for closed custody. Within those units there are 60 to 68 inmates. Hammer said officials try and keep fellow gang members separated within these units so no one gang runs a particular unit. Coulombe said within prison, prisoners make subtle changes to their uniform, like taking out the bikr and then sewing in colored thread they are allowed a sewing kit that represents the colors of their gang. This is done for intimidation and seems to work. They do this most often for protection.

Often, he said, a prisoner may be a neighborhood gang member who is then absorbed by a national gang. This is why separating suspected gang members is so critical. Skillings, the Youth Officer 3 at the John H. Sununu Youth Services Center, said he began asking new arrivals five to 10 questions on day one and from those he can determine whether the youngster is in a gang, is an associate of a gang or is just trying to act tough. Skillings said 70 percent of kids who come to the John H. Sununu Youth Services Center are purported to be gang members.

He said realistically, after an initial screening, that number is more like 40 percent, which is still high. However, since he began separating the kids, he said, there has not been a gang-related incident within the walls in two years. Skillings also said the Center has a zero tolerance policy: Skillings said within the facility he not only maintains order but acts as a counselor and works with two other people to teach the kids marketable skills. To the same friends and families. To the same environment. To be successful, they would have had to really absorb the education offered to them in prison.

They felt gang activity had decreased because people had been locked up. One young man said gang activity is still occurring; however, now it is quieter and more calm, which shows at least some level of sophistication. Of course, part of the decline is because people grow up. Yet growing up with a history of being in a gang can be easier said than done. So they joined a gang. Some have been convicted of felonies and served jail time. Many try to go straight after that but find it hard to get a job with a felony on their record and so they return to the gangs. But it is not difficult to physically leave a gang. It can, however, be difficult to escape your past.

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It is breaking this cycle, along with the cycles of broken families, poverty and teenage angst, that is the real challenge. Roughly 98 percent of people who go to jail get out and must re-engage with society, according to Jeffrey Lyons, public information officer for the New Hampshire Department of Corrections. The key is to get people to engage. Where do you begin? What can be done?

As simple as that sounds, sometimes yot is the only time some of these families spend time together. Some kids display awful behavior. Others are excellent kids but have a close family member in a gang. These kids come by referral from school, police, community organizations, etc. Jackson vae hesitant to give an exact number ae kids in the program, as they do not know they have been tagged, but she said Nashua ave hot biker were more than Staff members are given five ho 10 students whose attendance at club and school they track.

When an Nahua comes up, they can push the student in the right direction. Nshua said the club is great because bot has something for everyone. But these are after-school activities. Youngsters qve much more of their time in classrooms. Hoot or not, most real gang members do not stay long in school. The students from bijer Nashua High Schools said most of the avf in Nadhua only pretend to be in gangs. His office works with the school district to connect the students with positive influences. With a sub standard base roots can wreak havoc on trails. Best Asphalt Trail MA April, by skshrews All asphalt, straight, few changes in elevation, few road crossings, shaded almost entirely, long length, generous parking free make this arguably the Nashha Nashua ave hot biker trail Nqshua Massachusetts and maybe New England.

Yes, a few root heaves welcome to realitybut generally well maintained. If you live near Nasgua trail, you are lucky to have access to this resource. What's great about this trail: What's not so great about this trail: The four stars is principally attributable to the length of the trail and its overall condition. My thoughts September, by lawrance We rode this trail today and for the most part it was OK except kind-of bumpy in spots due to tree roots growing underneath that had cracked the pavement. It could have also been due to frost heaves. The trail needs some upgrades. Also, the Nashua River in Pepperell stunk due to algae. Pee first - but also bring water September, by soongx2 We did this trail with adults and children.

Overall, the trail was great, some spots with bumps and holes that are marked but nothing more than any other rail trails in the area. We did 8 miles round trip leaving Ayer and turning around after ice cream in Pepperell. Mostly flat, straight and shady. We saw the beaver lodge. Things did get a little smelly where the water became stagnant at the dam in Pepperell. Parking seems plentiful on a Saturday no commuters in Ayer and there are other decent sized lots along the way as alternates if the Ayer lot is full.

Unlike other rail trails closer to Boston, there isn't any small convenience store or Trader Joe's once you leave Ayer until you get to Pepperell. So, make sure you have enough water and have used the Porta-Johns. We saw a few men at different parts of the trail relieving themselves behind trees. August, by dhgeyer I really wish they'd fix the frost heaves. They seriously detract from the ride. As it is, this trail is best done on foot or a mountain bike, slowly. Rough Ride August, by mrprbush I had been planning this ride for a while. Given the rave reviews I was full of anticipation. Beautiful day to ride I was stoked; until I hit my first pot hole and I haven't gone a mile.

This is a beautiful scenic trail but currently not road bike friendly. Way too many holes and wripples that will jar your back teeth. An attempt has been made to circle, with white paint, many of these damaging front fork land mines. The wripples have also been highlighted but they are still many surprises. If you ride a road bike take it slow enjoy the scenery and outdoors; mountain bike or regular rider with fatty tires recommended. I spoke with two inline skaters and they had the same complaint bait they knew where the flat stretches were. Hiking would be best. As a rider I rate this one star.

I have ridden a lot of local trails Nashua River is by far the worse path maintenance for cycling. Beautiful August, by terezajaquez This trail is so peaceful and beautiful. I wish I could do it every day. I prefer the sound of the birds and the wind than listening to music. People are very polite and it is very clean.

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