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Taboo teens Young

I'm not somebody who's done my own research or, you know, I'm not speaking from a scientific point of view. I'm sort of echoing one of the couple previous callers have said. And Neal, can I make a point? And then, like you said, a couple of days after the column ran, the news came out that Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant. We support them in a way that we try to manipulate them.

All it takes is for one person to object to a book for no one in that school, or library, to be given access to it. You can also e-mail us, talk npr. I mean, so let's be realistic about this. A bit unfair, I think.

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My grandmother had my dad at I mean, is it for not using birth control properly? Rajyanti, 17, hopes to become a doctor. Thanks very much, Claire.

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