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Dropkick On My Devil is rife with them since most are the main characters. My Monster Secret has a vampire, bbe, "wolf-man", and other Cute Monster Girls hiding in plain sight at a high-school, as the principal is one herself. My Balls is all about cute monster girls. Charlotte Praline is half mermaid half human and is rather easy on the eyes especially considering her mothers looks. Jiltus, being a half-human hybrid, is very cute if you like them evil. Rise of the Yokai Clanas well as a majority of the other humanoid female youkai.

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Magical Pokaan gives us four Cute Monster Girls - a werewolfa vampirea witchand an android. Then her creator figured that the golem would be more effective if he made it really attractive and disguised the fact that it was made of iron. Not sure how to move on psychologist mary lamia phd chats to elitesingles about the 3 common factors preventing people from moving on and letting go. Monet from Punk Hazard is a harpy and easy on the eyes.

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