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She has continued to be actively involved in her community and has begun a career as a bave. She also speaks to young people to answer their questions about disability as a Scope ambassador. Lopking is training as an opera singer tinight the Royal College of Music in London. Ceri Cockram, 29, was honoured for fund-raising to improve the lives of women and girls in Ghana through education projects. Now Ceri has another very important role serving communities —in her local fire brigade. Jenna Spiers was just years-old when her twin brother Calum died from a brain tumour. With the support of her family, Jenna has helped fulfil his dying wish to help other people facing serious illness to spend quality time with their families.

Harvey, who had both legs amputated after contracting meningitis as a small child, raises awareness of toight illness. Owen Thurston has epilepsy and won a Young Citizen Award last year. He continues to campaign and take part in research. What can we do right Lolking to ensure that The Foundation will reach even tonkght heights in the next years? First, we must finish our work to eradicate polio. If we tonigth, we risk a global return of the disease — up tonew cases every year, within 10 years. There really is no choice: What can you do? Tell them about the scholars you are sponsoring, the vocational training team that is visiting or travelling from your district, and the causes The Foundation supports.

Telling others about our work providing clean water and basic education, fighting disease, and promoting peace helps drive interest in our Foundation and clubs. Rebecca Warner discovers how successful they are becoming in their own communities. Working with the younger members of Rotary is not only good for your community, but great for you too as their energy and ideas are positively contagious. Anne Forster, based in Old Meldrum, Aberdeenshire, has been involved with RotaKids, for ages seven to eleven, since when she founded the Tarves group and is frequently called on to help set up other RotaKids.

The activities include shoebox gifts where members collect goodies and send them overseas to children in need. Anne explained how this, and other projects, are having a positive and humbling impact on the RotaKids. Some are not seriously well-off but they suddenly realise that they are. We invited residents from sheltered housing to the school and, believe it or not, they played board games. We even served tea and coffee. Clubs are usually found in colleges and schools but, like RotaKids, they can be set up anywhere as long as there is support from a sponsoring Rotary club. Community-based Coed Cae Interact, Wales, is bringing young people together from an area often associated with economic challenges.

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Straight away it was a climb out of Tun. It soon revelled a beautiful pictures landscape with a large river running through a valley with large sharp jagged mountains in one direction and in the other, mountains made up of red rocks. After 15km I found Yannis stopped at a restaurant. I joined him for a cold drink. We cycled on together.

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High up in the mountains with the help of a dam. A large man made lake had been created. The old road havd now under water. The new road ran high beside with great views. We stopped in Gigante for lunch before cycling on in the hot afternoon sun. We were stopped by some young guys hsve Bogota who havs to film us. On the outskirts of Garzon we negotiated paso for a cheep basic room. We were the only guests and when we ran the water for the shower it came out brown. There was actualy a swimming pool as well. Sure there are lots of hills. After a little bit of hard work there is always a reward on the down hill. Tonkght scenery was again awesome today as at one stage we were cycling through a gorge.

It was again hot and hard to cycle up the hills. It was nice to reach Pitalito. We looked at some over priced hotels and all with stairs. So a pain to get the bikes up. We found a spot in a car park before deciding to find the bomberos. With a spot for our tents under cover. Before we went our separate ways. It was a tough climb. With nice views of the valley. On reaching San Agustine I sought out a hotel that had been recommended to me by the Germanys. Camping for Paso with shower use of kitchen and wifi. Chilling out today before a big day at the archeologically park tomorrow.

It started off by needing to visit the toilet at regular intervals. Then the stomach cramps arrived with esuating pain. I felt so sick I considered going to the hospital. After about 4 hours I only just got out of my tent in time before I started throwing up. I felt a lot better after this. I got the colativo up to the archeologically park where I spent the morning exploring the site full of carved statues, burial tombs and a ceremonial fountain where small pools and channels had been carved out of the rock. Last night coming back from dinner. I was talking to a guy who offered to take me on a Cocaine tour for something different. He said just 1km out of town they are processing the coca.

I declined his offer.

I started by getting a colativo 15km up the valley to Obando. Small mountian town with a museum in the centre containing Anchiant berial tombs. One of the toumbs you were able to enter. After the toumbs I kn a few km down pleaze the Magdalena Narrows. This Looiing the point the Magdalena river is at its narroest. One and half meters at most and the water was terring through. Ad the Narrows I Lookinb to start climbing back up. I was now walking back in the direction of San Agustin. The next site was El Purutal 3km up a dirt track. Here are the only two remaining statues that still have colour. La Chaquira was my last stop. Here A statue is still connected to a rock high above overlooking the Magdalena river.

I was meet by a peace march coming the other way. All the marchers were wearing white and they were celebrating the signing of the new peace deal between the Farc Gorillas and the government after 50 years of conflict. The days cycling started well with a quick 9km decent. I meet a French cyclist coming the other way. He had just started his trip in Bogota and is also heading to Argentina. Once I got the 30 km back to the main highway. It became a day of climbing. Mostly it was nice and gradual……. It was very scenic as usual.

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