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For the culture of this tree, whose leaves are for the healing of the nations in the sickness of poverty and crime, the laborers are summoned from every clime of sentiment, every fenced field of organization and title. The title "Charities and Correction" is sufficiently explanatory of our sphere of study and influence. The grosser forms of vice must come within the strong grasp of the law; and pauperism is so multiform and of such proportions that the public treasury must be at its disposal. But it were a terrible blunder to look askance upon what is doing outside of the public institution. It is of the first principles of society that it shall embrace its feebleness and frailty in its personal and private charge.

Every moralist has recognized this. The De Officiis of Cicero of our school and college study teaches with the text-books of present study. Part of the communion of the ages is in like expressions of brotherhood. In Rome, the State fed her poor, emperors distributed land among poorer citizens, children were sheltered by the government; yet private individuals established institutions of mercy. The name of Cecilia Macrina is preserved as the foundress of a charity for a hundred children at Seracina. The younger Pliny devoted a small property to the support of poor children in his native city. We feel the one blood warmly circulating as we read of Antoninus and Marcus Aurelius dedicating to the memory of their wives institutions for the support of girls, and Alexander Severus giving the same honor to the memory of his mother.

Tacitus has described with enthusiasm how, after a catastrophe near Rome, the rich threw open their houses and taxed all their resources to relieve the sufferers. See Lecky's "History of European Morals. Public provision for the poor by poor laws has the necessary defects and difficulties of tending to take from man the natural stimulus for helping himself, of producing no feeling of gratitude toward the benefactor, of requiring no moral intercourse between the parties, but leaving the distribution of bounty to the hand of an official agent. We cannot agree with the late distinguished Bishop Harris that, "to avert the most alarming evil of our times, and bring the rich.

The poor especially are the serious trust of the followers of Him "who went about doing good. We cannot discharge our benevolence by deputy; we have no encouragement to offer heaven tax-receipts for caring one for another; we cannot do a brother's part passing by on the other side, though our, feet hasten to the Bureau of Charity. There is another argument.

John the Note Church, Middlesex St. Is it not, then, a solo pride if we do, as Jesus, sometimes solo mention this fact?.

To those of us of pronounced casuaal faith, the rights of the religious conscience are very dear, and the influences of our holy religion are connected with divinely appointed ordinances. We recognize boeton duty of imparting to our beneficiaries the full benefits of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The religion of a State institution can scarcely allow of this. It must be attenuated by the varied religion and the no religion of its legal support. In my own State, with a regard to religion in our prisons, reformatories, and asylums of which I am proud, the public administration of ordinances which Christian bodies almost without exception accept is unknown; and I presume Michigan is not singular in this.

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Caaual have meant to make the argument, that private and church charity must exist side by side with the most judicious and liberal public provision; and hence this Conference of Charities and Correction has as hearty a welcome, as free a rostrum, as open eating ear, for, to 30070 its invitation, "members and officers of private charitable institutions and associations throughout the United States 300 Canada" as it has for "members and officers of State Boards of public charities. A body constituted like this, to borrow a phrase perhaps more expressive than refined, must come down to business in its thought and action. Men and women who are brought in daily contact with the pauper poor, who know all the ins and outs of the cqsual and the unworthy, who are familiar with infirmaries and poorhouses, who have seen one plan after another tried to solve the very perplexing problem of city poverty, who are almost as familiar with dxting houses, slums, and alleys as they are with the shaded avenues and architectural houses of their end of the town, are not very likely to be dreamers, theorists, or cranks.

One thing that has ever impressed me in this Conference has been its practical tone. Many false prophets have gone out into the world. They nrw like the prophets of our holy reverence, in their gorgeous display of glory to be revealed; theyvie with Isaiah and his compeers in telling of " the abundance of peace," of "the delightsome land. The world must be bpston upside down before it can be the theatre for even the experiment. Henry George, in an address entitled "The Crime of Poverty," utters: I FFree that there is no natural reason why we should not all casal rich, in the sense Free casual dating in new boston nh 3070 of having more than each other, but in the sense of all having enough to completely satisfy all physical wants, 30070 all having enough to get such an easy living that we could develop the better part of humanity.

There is no reason why wealth should not be so abundant that no one should think of such a thing as little children at work, or a woman compelled to a toil that nature never intended her to perform; wealth so abundant that there would be no cause for that harassing fear that sometimes paralyzes even those who are not considered the 'poor,' - the fear that probably every man of us has felt, that, if sickness should smite him or if he should be taken away, those whom he loves better than his life would become charges upon charity. It would just suit me, and probably you; but, until our committees on poverty and pauperism can report that it is come, we will try to take care of these unhappy victims of something very wrong.

When this Conference approaches poverty, it is in the conviction, "The poor ye have always with you; and, whenever ye will, ye may do them good. Hoyt, laid it out in his admirable address last year in Buffalo. It brings to bear on these questions the experience and thought of all civilization from the lips of foreign guests and associates, and an immense literature, much of it of decided worth. Such figures as 66, paupers in poorhouses, 55, in benevolent institutions, paupers outdoor, 21, give an impulse to inquiry. I will not forestall the reports of the Committees on Charity Organization, on Hospitals and Infirmaries, on Employment in Poorhouses, on the Care and Disposal of Dependent Children; but permit me to call your attention to certain fixed evils of conditions of pauperism in our older States, from which you may be in danger from tradition, but are happily not tied to by the stringency of law and amount of expenditure, or, in commercial phrase, value of plant.

Its great and insuperable difficulty is the population. Recall with me your poorhouse visits. As to age, from infancy on to noted longevity; as to mental condition, from idiocy up to the remains, at least, of a respectable or even more intelligence; as to physical condition, the poor body maimed, deformed, enfeebled, loathsome, and, if any exception, it is only as making the darkness visible; as to moral tone, said the Secretary of the State Board of Charities of New York, after an inquiry "during which every poorhouse in the State " was visited, and an examination made of the individual inmates, " the examination has made it clear that by far the greater number of paupers have reached that condition by idleness, improvidence, drunkenness, or some form of vicious indulgence.

What must life be in such a painful heterogeneous mass of humanity! How utterly impracticable any classification to insure even physical, to say nothing of mental and moral care! Need we add what are the difficulties of employment, and how justified is the common reply to inquiry, "The work of these people will not pay for the trouble it requires "? We cheerfully grant that all poorhouses are not the same. We have visited those that would well compare with the State institution. And we are glad to quote the words of an honored member of this Conference, Hon. When I compare the present condition of these institutions with what it was inI am much gratified.

There are few but have been greatly improved, and with some the change is so great as to mark an era in local history. Let us hope that New York speaks for the whole land. But the system is radically rotten: It is opposed by all social and sanitary law. The remedy, we believe, is to be found in extending State provision for the defective and dependent classes. Plainly, as we have institutions for the blind, the deaf-mutes, the insane, the feeble-minded, let us have institutions for the aged, the crippled, the hopelessly inebriate, the chronic infirm.

Let us sort out this poorhouse population. State care is far more equitable, more likely to meet the necessity, more settled in its provisions, than county or local care. The County Board of Supervision is prqverbially narrow, and constantly pressed to economy by a constituency claiming to be overtaxed. As matters are, the State and the County acting on the same principle of social obligation, the contrast between the treatment of their beneficiaries is equal to that between competency and poverty.

I refer to the surroundings of a State institution and a County shelter. Even incurable idiocy or ny fares better far in the State home than respectable old age in the average poorhouse. What we may call " countyism," casuao we say "parochialism" when a church is all for itself, has much to do with the poorhouse and jail system. Warhola of Hampden, Me. Mom, we will miss you and hold dear your strength, guidance and unconditional love and support, which you gave all of us, throughout our lives. Friends are invited to visit from p. The funeral service will be held there on Friday, at 11 a. Condolences can be also expressed at www.

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