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But Delaney is daddh eyed and intrigued, and leaves Thoyt with a grunt for an answer. And now, meet the British East India Company. An international corporation was transforming itself into an aggressive colonial power…We still talk about the British conquering India, but that phrase disguises a more sinister reality. It was not the British government that seized India at the end of the 18th century, but a dangerously unregulated private company.

We also learn that at some Tabo, things took a turn. While in school, he set a boat on fire and committed a series of assaults, before fleeing to Africa. Naturally, Delaney ends up where most self-imposed exiles do in stories: In the ramshackle poorly lit townhouse, Delaney is given his only warm welcome back to London so far by Brace: The evening ends when Delaney, staring out at the fog over the Thames, pulls us into a brief and hazy vision of a cackling woman, face painted black and white, wading through a river. Delaney is a man with secrets. Lucian Msamati as George Chichester.

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She tried talking to him earlier, but he ran off. She finds him at a small makeshift memorial for Winter and learns that he saw what actually happened to Winter. Someone from the East India Company did. Kind of expected that.

Unfortunately, the news comes too late. Delaney has been taken to the Tower of London. Delaney has a counter offer. Since word of his arrest has likely reached the American Spies, they daaddy most likely fleeing the country as quickly as they can. Delaney will give up the names if he gets a meeting with Stuart Strange. The torturer estimates he can get the names in two hours, so Coop lets the torture continue. They have clearly not been paying much attention to the rumors about Delaney. The man can withstand a lot of pain. He endures 12 hours of torture and still asks for Stuart Strange. Finally, the Prince, fearing that the American Spies have already slipped away, orders Coop to give Delaney what he wants.

He still witnessed some pretty terrible crimes committed by the company.

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The series has really picked up in the second half of the season, and the penultimate episode kept that pace going. It set us up for what looks to be an intense finale, while still turning in an engrossing hour or so of television. Was it worth the insufferably slow start at the beginning? That remains to be seen.

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