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The album went on to earn a Grammy nomination and a Dove nomination for best album of the year in a gospel category. It was a remake of the movie Lady for a Day. Both versions were directed by Frank Capra. She had tested for the part of Margie, the "good girl", but seemed too seductive to the studio bosses, who decided on the switch. In her autobiography, the actress wrote that she changed "from Little Miss Lollipop to Sexpot-Banshee" once the music began. The premiere at Radio City Music Hall, 16 years after her first visit to the famed theater, was a smash hit: Life put her on the cover for the second time and announced that the "torrid dancing almost replaces the central heating in the theater.

Kennedy 's private birthday party at the Waldorf-Astoriaone year after Marilyn Monroe 's famous " Happy Birthday ". She recorded three duets with Presley for the film: While working on the film Once a Thiefshe met future husband Roger Smithwho after his successful run on the private-eye television series 77 Sunset Stripwas performing a live club show at the Hungry i on a bill with Bill Cosby and Don Adams. That meeting began their courtship, which met with resistance from her parents. She also co-starred along with friend Dean Martin in the spy spoof Murderers' Row Finally, she starred as the lead in The Swinger in with Tony Franciosa. Her red hair color she is a "natural brunette" was the idea of Sydney Guilaroffa hairdresser who changed the hair color of other famous actresses such as Lucille Ball.

She was offered the title role in Cat Balloubut her manager turned it down without telling her. She still has great affection for the veterans and refers to them as "my gentlemen". Elvis Presley and his entourage came to see her during the show's five-week run and to celebrate backstage. From thereon until his death, Presley sent her a guitar-shaped floral arrangement for each of her Vegas openings. Then, she went back to Saigon as part of Hope's Christmas show. Inshe starred in Carnal Knowledge by director Mike Nicholsplaying the girlfriend of a neglectful, arguably abusive character played by Jack Nicholsonand garnered a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. On the set of The Train Robbers in Durango, Mexico, in Juneshe told Nancy Anderson of Copley News Service that she had been on the " grapefruit diet " and had lost almost twenty pounds to eating unsweetened citrus.

She required meticulous facial reconstructive surgery that required wiring her mouth shut and putting her on a liquid diet. Unable to work for 10 weeks, she ultimately returned to the stage almost back to normal. Her star is located at Hollywood Boulevard. Then came the musical Tommy infor which she was again nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress. At 37 years old, she was ultimately determined to be too old to convincingly play the role of a high school student. Olivia Newton-John got the role instead, and the character was renamed "Sandy Olsson" after Ann-Margret's birth surname in her honour. These performances collectively won her two Golden Globe Awards and two Emmy nominations.

The next year she appeared as the wife of Roy Scheider 's character in the crime thriller 52 Pick-Up. Inan illustration was done of Oprah Winfrey that was on the cover of TV Guideand although the head was Oprah's, the body was referenced from a publicity shot of Ann-Margret. The illustration was rendered so tightly in color pencil by freelance artist Chris Notarile that most people thought it was a composite photograph. They carved an inland waterway of locks and dams. The canals that bring glass and cast iron from the foundries of Detroit! They broke the sound barrier and put men on the moon.

I'm not sure that enormously dangerous and expensive single-use vehicles are an appropriate precedent for mass transport. I'm guessing the choice is Someday I want to read something, anything, that suggests that Courtney Love has a redeeming bone in her body other than her talent. She must have one. I have heard not a whisper of it. I read this article yesterday, and although I've never given two craps about SY, it made me respect Kim Gordon in a new way. Goo came out when I started listening to punk and alt rock, and "Kool Thing" was all over the radio.

I wish I could say I fell in love with it, but I found the ugly noise and the baby-talk vocals and nursery rhyme lyrics just dumb. They were an aberration, though -- if I turned the dial for a few minutes, eventually something better would get broadcast. I felt alienated from what alternative culture had become, and I developed a precocious interest in show tunes while waiting for grunge to blow over. Even after "the Seattle sound" passed its sell-by date, though, all my favorite bands genuflected to the Yoof, and any artist who had any guitar feedback or a smattering of dissonance in their songs drew comparisons to SY. I started to resent their noisy, trend-hopping, name-dropping selves, since they were so far from anything I loved.

The fact that Kim Gordon had allegedly said something mean about the Elephant 6 bands made me dislike them even more. At some point the popular consensus started to turn away from them, and I felt a little more at home in alt culture. As an adult, I recognize that their music is not for me -- I like gorgeous melodies and whiffs of redemption, which seem anathema to SY's raison-d'etre. I still think this is the best double album with the word "Nation" in the title that Enigma Records released in the late s, and I believe that the first Throwing Muses albums worked in ways that SY's work did not.

At the same time, though, I've come to terms that not everything -- even marquee bands in subcultures that resonate most with my own -- is made for me, and it's okay to not love the big-name tastemakers. That being said, I've come to respect Kim for her insightful observations about being a female artist, and for the amount of shit she had to deal with as she made her way through the world. Her scenes in The Punk Singer were among the parts of that film that worked the best for me, and caused me to re-apprise my thoughts about her. I'm looking forward to reading her book when it becomes available. The Sweptaways, a Swedish group of "20 women singing choir pop songs," offer a unique take on the American folk song "Oh My Darling, Clementine.

Their myspace page has a great deal of music, and more videos can be found on their YouTube pageincluding a cover of Kate Bush's " Wuthering Heights. But his quest for a 'pure' black music untouched by white influences was problematic This much is undeniable: Time to Rethink Roads: Young Americans Lead Trend to Less Driving As much as I'd like to believe this has to do a small percentage of millennials making unconstrained free choices to abandon driving I suspect it is mostly driven by the harshly constrained economic realities of new college graduates.

They are driving less because they are being priced out of driving. Which I consider a positive result of a bad thing. I gave up driving twenty years and consider my life much better for it but when I did it it was my considered choice rather than my only option. It is kind of interesting to see how City, State and Federal departments of transport in the United States have conflicting goals. At least in Chicago the city DOT often has to push back against state DOT and the state actually has full authority over a lot of city roads which seriously complicates attempts at urban planning never mind the Chicago Tribune's perspective that the city is just something for their surburban readers and editorial writers drive through at Deathrace speeds.

I've always found him a bit off-puttingly smarmy, but people who actually research memory seem to think it's at least plausible that he mis-remembered. Seven of the 24 participants said they remembered this happening, and many also added more details to the story. In two follow-up interviews, six of them continued to assert that this had really happened to them. Either he was stoking his ego and burnishing his cred with what he considered little white lies.

I also solo anyone who really considers him an gusto u journalist. For u sin is always more fun. Or prime screwing the pooch.

Or everyone in charge of choosing the nation's top journalists is absolutely terrible at their job. Vidro, it's almost certain both of these things are true. It's also true the amount YYoutube traction this story is getting in various media outlets is determined politically Williams, with his show-biz connections - 30 Rock and Letterman, daughter on Girls - and some kind of Jimmy Carter connection when he was a college intern, is seen as a friend bboby the left. I also question anyone who really considers him an actual working journalist. He's an anchor, hkokup is to say an actor, reading material researched and assembled by others.

Could be a big opportunity for Lester Holt and his giant forehead, however. The other problem with Lomax, not mentioned in the article but perhaps more pernicious, is how he took ownership of what was a folk music as he was codifying it. It's not the average law enforcement guy ryell makes the decision to deploy a SWAT team. That's at a pay grade that should be looking at all the available evidence before pumping up the Houtube boner. So a higher position and therefore likely an older person and therefore likely less tech-savvy? From the Guardian article: The concept Isis used to justify the massacre of hundreds of Shaitat tribesmen in Deir Ezzor, Syria, in August was tashreed, a word that can be Youtube cat hookup video bobby rydell youtube as "deterrence", as mentioned in the quoted text.

Anyone know the Arabic translation of shock and awe? For Youtube cat hookup video bobby rydell youtube it's worth, when they swat people, they usually pretend that there are armed home invaders holding them hostage. The fake police reports I've seen posted on Twitter have been submitted online, not via phone, and are along the lines of "this person was acting weird and talking about making pipe bombs in their basement". So yeah, bad on the people making the false reports, but bad on the police for being perfectly willing to send an armed group of angry fuckers with weapons loaded due to any dumbshit in the world claiming bobb sort of bullshit online.

Well finally someone lost thier job due to lying about Iraq. My grandfather died a little over a month ago, I'm not ashamed to say that his death had a smaller effect on me than Coach Smith's. My grandfather was just a man, he was a good man, but i knew he would pass away; the idea of North Carolina existing without Dean Smith I just can't handle that. It's weird to have it made so stark, but Dean Smith meant more to me than I realized. I yyoutube attend UNC. I left the state for college, and haven't been back for more than Youtube cat hookup video bobby rydell youtube month in the little over a decade since. Vudeo grew up watching UNC, lying on the floor, with my grandmother watching over me, swearing like a sailor at Coach Smith when they lost, praising him like a preacher when they won, often fideo the same breath.

Dydell of my earliest jookup are that. That's what Carolina means to me, and Dean Smith made that for me. UNC is my biggest connection to the state these days, and Dean Smith also always gave youtuhe a way to be proud of that connection. He was a winner, sure, but he was also a good man, a man of principle, a man who stood up for what mattered. Even if he never beat Duke, he'd Yoitube made the world a better place. That he beat Duke regularly, doesn't hurt, of course. I know his last years were painful. I'm happy he's at peace, but God damn it, I'm going to miss him. Brian Williams' muddled macho memories are the least of the problems with network news.

The problem is the news as entertainment, war and disaster-porn coverage, ratings-driven sensationalistic nature of television coverage itself where anchors are reality show hosts instead of journalists. I am seeing a lot of hand-wringing about how this harms the credibility of serious journalists That ship has sailed. Of course viceo should be truthful, but can we separate the mortal sins that actually kill people from the venial? On Twitter, we have the likes of Judith Miller pointing at him, how ironic is that? The right wing media is youtubd held to the same scrutiny or standards of honesty and truth. Here's their ryydell saint Reagan, whose faulty memory they conveniently forgave: My heart and my best intentions still tell me that's true, but the facts and the evidence tell youhube it is not" I knew I didn't want to raise Coco on the Youtjbe of Soho.

Another youtkbe lyric alert! Znatb jbez whvpr Maybe hobby of these days it will be possible to store men's sperm. Sperm banking has been around for quite a while. Here's a whole yotuube of them Don't blink. Blink and you're yrdell. What I think of I'm talking about why it's an insult, which is very obviously gendered. Some of Youtibe traditional lyrics omitted from this version make the joke much more clear: How I missed her! Then the rydel, forty-niner, Soon began to peak and pine, Thought he oughter join his daughter, Now he's with his Clementine.

In the church hooiup in the canyon Where yrdell myrtle doth entwine There grows roses and other posies Fertilized by Clementine. What a lovely interpretation, although I particularly liked the nod to the dry humor of the song with the "bum bum bum" accompanying the lyrics about her vvideo blowing bubbles. I would guess any differences in knots was intentional; NASA is quite serious about their knots. I also Youtube cat hookup video bobby rydell youtube quite serious about knots. I wonder who taught that to me, I didn't just come up with that by myself.

Upon closer inspection, those cloth sheathes look a bit like Figure Securing Fabric Braid Sleeving. Really, some kind of category error going on in some of the comments here. If you want to understand what sort of threat ISIS is, find out who armed them. The cop that took the report from me after the incident said someone had called using a Caller ID number that matched my mobile phone number; the caller claimed to be me, reporting that Russians had broken into the home and shot my wife. The call was actually made via instant message chats using a relay service designed for hearing impaired and deaf callers.

I vote solitary confinement for the little shitbag The pigeon mite infestation story. Hit enter too soon: WikiGnome also isn't the sole person being discussed here. He's quiet about his edits nowbut nevertheless, they've gotten attention, and that's where most of this "debate" is coming from. Some of the frustration here is not at WikiGnome alone, but at the people who think he's some kind of language hero. He's planning for this to blow over, which is probably delusional. Lots of people have been "finished" before and come back. I wouldn't be so sure. Ahh, what teponaztli said. I'm not sure I quite buy the "oh all women are always criticised no matter what they do" take on this here.

There's a kernel of truth in it, but that doesn't necessrily mean you cannot disagree with the decision this woman went with. I feel as though there must be a word for that thing where people get really fucking mad about how wrong prescriptivists are. This stash is answering a lot of questions I had about the most pressing of needs. As much as I'd like to believe this has to do a small percentage of millennials making unconstrained free choices to abandon driving Anecdata: I just kind of I'm lucky enough not to have the kind of debt that is sort of the scourge of my age-cohort; doing something with that five grand other than sticking it in a savings account, given the opportunity, strikes me as an insult to those less lucky folks.

Here are some other downsides of driving: I cannot imagine anyone feeling like my freedom is enhanced, or whatever, by driving. To me, it seems like an unfortunate compromise into which people are forced by circumstance. Among most of the people my age I know who drive regularly, it's viewed as something one has to do. The specific reasons why I didn't really start driving are idiosyncratic, but the reasons why I continue to not drive are hopefully increasingly standard. I'd say I'm making a lightly constrained free choice to avoid driving. Is a drawn out "ahhh" in text it looks 'wrong' a variant of "uh"? I feel like that's the "wait for the word to load" sound I'm most familiar with. It has been pointed out to me that I use "sorta" as an all-purpose unconscious filler word.

I have no idea how or why this should be the case and the "a" of sorta can get drawn out into an "ahhh" for as long as need be. Sitting alone in front of your computer encourages exhibitionism and asocial behavior. Awesome thanks, this looks great! Mazor's book looks interesting too. I'm genuinely curious as to what you found; when I dug around I found this on pubmed. That is only an abstract of a journal from which unsurprisingly is not available online. There is a circlejerk of abstracts that refer to that paper, none of them have full texts online, except for one full paper I found. The introduction of the Wikipedia article says: No, it does not say that. The abstract clearly states that the effect "better than half strength" after hours, which is 85 days.

Wikipedia can be an extremely poor source of scientific information. Should be noted that this also wouldn't be a thing if the Police were a little less eager to use their SWAT teams to begin with. Gotta justify the budget and use all the Iraq surplus gear somehow, and not everyone is lucky enough to have riots. It's the sort of situation where an armed police response would actually be justified if it's the best strategy for dealing with it, I don't know if the case was actually occurring. Okay, but now let's treat anyone spreading lies on a news channel the same way Williams is being treated.

Left wing commentary sites have been taking Fox News to task for years, but the major news networks say little. Let's see a single standard. Did Brian Williams tell this helicopter story a lot? I've seen him on late night talk shows dozens of times, but I can't recall him talking about it on those venues before. I've never watched him do the news and don't follow his career all that closely, but I do enjoy when he does weird comedy stuff like SNL appearances. The story came as a surprise to me since I'd never heard him talk about it. I think he should get a long sentence. I do see it as a form of attempted murder. The cops aren't intending to kill anyone, but hey if the target happens to make the wrong move it can easily end up that way.

You hear someone barging into your house but didn't hear them say police because you have headphones on, maybe you reach for a gun thinking it's a home invader. Home invasions have been caught on streams too. That said, I don't think we should focus on overly long sentences as a message here, we need every single person who engages in it caught and and prosecuted. Law enforcement has the technology for this, I think? At least as long as it comes from within the US at least, right? Gamer gets swatted while streaming before thousands of viewers "Audio for potions of this video have been muted as it appears to contain copyrighted content controlled by a third party.

I shall forecast the next 30 year infrastructure puts ratty looking envelope against his towel wrapped head I see, I see, I see no infrastructure and a new American pastime watching roads crumble and betting on the next bridge to collapse due to lack of funding. I love this game! Is it really such a surprise that someone with personal experience is saying Courtney Love brings drama everywhere she goes? Come on, didn't we have yet another post about the Undersea New York Rat Network just a few days ago? I think maybe I saw it here but I was really stoked to find out he had a cooking blog.

OK, here's a true story: I was once riding on a train from Chicago to New York all planes had gotten canceled due to bad weather and guess who was sitting in the seat across from me: None other than Brian Williams himself. Well, we got into talking dude really likes to talk - especially about himself and he eventually told me about his days in Iraq. Or actually more about the time after it - how he just can't "unremember" the terrible things that happened, how he sometimes wakes up at night and how he had a time on the brink of sliding into substance abuse although he didn't say that outright, more hinted at it. He also said that the pressure in his job is enormous, but that it's also very, very fun.

Although, thinking about it now, I am not quite sure it was the train from Chicago to New York, it may even not have been a train, and it might also have been someone else than Brian Williams, but some other random stranger. I guess that's why I'm not a journalist. Reminds me of a paper I read which compared the Nazi, collaborationist, and Partisan propaganda for and about women in occupied Slovenia. Nazi and collaborationist propaganda was very focused on how the Partisans were leading women astray from good Catholic upbringing, tricking women into becoming brutes, whores, and cannon fodder. The call to arms over tradition and whatnot fell on increasingly deaf ears: The Partisans only really had to point to the fact that the Nazis were both terrible and losing: Nothing quite like a unity of interests to get people to team up.

Anyway, the point being, ISIS drapes a veneer of tradition and anti-Western sentiment over what is essentially a brochure for a group that regularly schedules murderous orgies. Competing propaganda needs to pierce that veil. Also, agreed that the whole "authenticity" thing is underexamined and often quite silly. That article appears to be subscriber-only, infinitewindow. Can you sum it up for us? They are more likely, though, to dance on your face, which they do at night when they mate, before crawling back into your follicles by day to eat. In those caves mother mites give birth to a few relatively large mite-shaped eggs.

The eggs hatch, and then, like all mites, the babies go through molts in which they shed their external skeleton and emerge slightly larger. Once they're full size, their entire adult life lasts only a few weeks. Death comes at the precise moment when the mites, lacking an anus, fill up with feces, die, and decompose on your head. I have no words for how much I did not need to know this I had pressured him to propose I'm not beating up on her -- it's fine with me if she wants to live out a particular narrative -- but that has always seemed profoundly weird to me.

If she wanted to marry him, why not just ask directly, rather than ask at one step removed? I suppose she knew what the answer would have been, and didn't want to hear it. But I know a lot more who are the opposite -- either in committed relationships, or seriously looking for one. I have to wonder if her experience is more reflective of what lates dating in NYC is like, more than "what men are like" in some generational way. By that age, a lot of the people wanting commitments have found them, leaving a lot more of the men who were frustrating her in the dating pool, even if no other factors were at play. The difference, I suppose, is between the General who tells war stories at his club, where the story is the main thing, and the General publishing his memoirs, where there are people who are hired to fact check everything because they might get sued otherwise and are also paid to break it gently to the General that his story is a load of cobblers.

Not to mention many companies and industries would be more than happy to have his as their spokesman. I remember taking a Red Hat training class where the instructor kept saying, "mmm-kay" where the uhs and ums would normally go. After day four, all I could hear when she talked was "Mmm-kay? But this kind of thing frustrates me, and I never know what to say about it for fear of sound as I will probably sound here as some kind of "not ALL men" whiner.

Rydell video bobby youtube Youtube cat hookup

Here's my experience, though: I'm not youtbe commitment-phobe. I crave stability and family so much that I've made profound compromises to secure it. I've never dated a woman who wanted to have children. Amanda's assertion above, that "I believe that if men's bodies could be manipulated to enable them to bear children that there would in fact be men who would choose that," describes me wholly and accurately. I would do this. I would be Yougube man. But I do not live in that world. As things hooku;, I will not have children. She's right, too, though, that the biological reality is starker for women, in terms of the time pressure they face. And yet I can't help joutube wonder what the flipside of this story would look like.

As a lates professional in NYC of acceptable looks and reasonable manners if way, way above-average nerdiness would my experience be what this woman's story implies it would be? That upon proving my willingness to commit and marry, I could easily find a woman to have a family with? I'm not so sure. I don't think we're going to know what's "wrong" with this generation until the next generation get to judge us, as will be their right. I will say this, though: I don't know that choosing not to have children when one feels ambivalence is necessarily a vice.

My father stomped around a lot when I was young, muttering about how he wished he'd never have kids. I could've lived without that. Meanwhile, it's notable to me that single woman in the article author's position has the option—an option she may well exercise—to have a child, or try to. A single man with a similar desire has no such option; that is the stark biological reality I face. I was sure it was going to be this web comicwhich now seems oddly similar. To be fair, they make it seem like the call is coming from the victim's house, and I think they sometimes play gunshot sound effects.

If you were a operator who got that call, you would probably want to send the cavalry, too. Not to say that the military surplus gear and general militarization of the police isn't a problem, too.

I'm just saying that the calls eydell be pretty convincing. FWIW that is the approx. Bobbh would quickly cause the edit war to end all edit wars, and almost certainly set off a chain of events that would end fat as we know it. It would totally be worth it. This is a problem with the midth century field of folklore, rather than with Lomax personally, I think. I mean, I come at this from an interest in Irish traditional music, which is a pretty different context but has some of the same issues. In the very next paragraph, the article has two black people saying "Eh, Lomax was ok. Why even write the goddamn article then, if it's just one man's opinion of what black music is?

Or are we sticking the breathless image of Lomax keeping black and white musicians and music apart as they tried desperately to come together in harmony?

Agree with you there. Yohtube I took away from what Dom Flemons was saying in the article is that these are really the only recordings from that period of certain things derail: So as tainted and problematic as Youtubd gathering process was, there was some documentation of some music. Who yourube what that represents is really the issue. Lomax recorded yourube stuff, and did it in a way that was in no way divorced from the white supremacy of the day. I think the headline is a little click-baity, quite frankly. There was was waaaay more at work during the period of Rydepl recordings that was keeping black and white musicians apart than Alan Lomax - his wasn't the foot on the back of Deford Bailey's neck, for example.

Congratulations, you just lost the game Extreme Mango Worms version If ever there was a case for getting tough as an example, it is this. While after a certain point lengthy prison terms bring diminishing returns, this guy should do at least as much time as is warranted for a Youtubr violent and potential deadly crime and should also be subjected to a fine so onerous that he will be paying for it for decades. Kids do stupid and impulsive things and yes, even at 19, your brain is really still not fully developed — but there's no excuse for this and good reason to bobbh that a few highly publicized prosecutions with awful outcomes for the perps will actually make a difference unlike in say, impulsive crimes like fights which turn deadly.

Monsterous demons feeding off the garbage dripping from your eyelashes Interviews with women who escaped reveal that Isis corralled the women into halls and other detention centres and gradually sold them off to fighters as the spoils of war. Isis said in an online article that it was reviving an ancient custom of enslaving enemies and forcing the women to become wives of victorious fighters. You have a firm grasp of caat obvious. These are youtibe finds! Good on the Armstrong family for sharing them. But why the rear view mirror, eh?

Worrying was understandable, but the manner in which the astronauts bibby recovered leads me to think NASA knew the concerns was pretty foolish and was just going through the motions for the most part. How nobby they get suits to the Apollo 11 to put on to bbobby the deadly Moon germs? By opening the spacecraft door and having frogmen throw the containment suits Youtube cat hookup video bobby rydell youtube. Naturally, the suits were fairly airtight, with no circulation, and the Apollo 11 astronauts wound up coming close to passing out until they could take off the suits in the Mobile Quarantine Facility.

So hookkup Apollo 12, NASA seems to have said "fuck it" and just had that crew put put on flights suits and gas masks i think it's important czt remember that he didn't just record black music, but many kinds, all over the world - including white, european folk culture - the idea that ethnomusicology ignored european music simply isn't true, although one can always debate whether it was looked at enough WTF is going on with the far right of that photo? I thought they were the ones taking the drugs, not me. Bovby yeah, this sort of story was trampled to death by VH1's Behind the Youtube cat hookup video bobby rydell youtube years ago.

What I think of when I hear car talk about this song. Not yoytube, it isn't. The sense is significantly different to US "pussy" as an insult. It vdieo be a gendered insult in North America; here in the UK it generally isn't. A terribly offensive comedian called Jimmy Carr got heckled off the stage at a show in London; he did three rape jokes in a row, and a woman in the audience called out "you're a misogynistic cunt". The stuff was from the lunar module. After they re-docked with the command module, they jettisoned the LM and headed home.

The LM wound up crashing into the moon. We wouldn't have any of this stuff unless Armstrong had grabbed it. I think Lovell in the Apollo 13 book mentioned that the astronauts were allowed to keep some stuff. He grabbed an eyepiece, and maybe a few other things. It's not lying, it's acting. Usually, acting dynasties are handed down from parent to child, though. The son of Baptist schoolteachers, raised in the railroading town of Emporia, Kans. In much the same way his major at Kansas, mathematics, prefigured the analytical approach he brought to North Carolina, which named him at 30 to succeed his boss, Frank McGuire.

It was Smith's players, however, who most appreciated who he was and what he did. The education he tried to give to the players was more as a person and not so much as a basketball player, which I think has a lot more bearing and meaning to individuals. Smith's Four Corners time-melting offense led to the creation of the shot clock to counter it. He was the first coach at North Carolina, and among the first in the segregated South, to offer a scholarship to a black athlete. The now-common "point to the passer," in which a scorer acknowledges a teammate's assist, started in Chapel Hill and became a hallmark of Smith's always humble "Carolina Way. Smith would pass lessons learned in Kansas along at North Carolina, adding more than a few of his own.

He tutored perhaps the game's greatest player, Jordan, who burst onto the national stage as a freshman on Smith's national title team, and two of basketball's most successful coaches, fellow Hall of Famers Larry Brown and Williams. His players could have compiled more impressive individual statistics at other schools. But college is supposed to prepare you for the real world. No players were more prepped for the NBA than Smith's. A few possessions later, he took a similar shot — and missed with the defense in his face. The horn blared, and O'Koren was out of the game.

Furthermore, Smith protested, among other things, the Vietnam War, the proliferation of nuclear weapons, and the death penalty. Inaccording to a story in the University Gazette, Smith appeared at a clemency hearing for a death-row inmate and told then-Governor Jim Hunt, right to his face, "You're a murderer. The death penalty makes all of us murders. But he wasn't just a basketball coach. He's a man who touched the life of the greatest basketball player to ever live He never settled for a whistle and a ball, never stayed in his so-called lane, never stopped trying to make things better until a cruel disease robbed him of his mind.

Dementia has taken its toll on former North Carolina coach Dean Smith, but family and devoted friends stand by the beloved coach. Most eponysterical post ever. This is a perfect example of how to skip a post I feel just like this on the male side about a whole lot of Cheever, Updike, Roth, etc. Just as dull from the other side. How did we get to twat and cunt and dick and prick and sissy and pussy and gender-neutral and using feminizing insults to disparage men and rampant and violent misogyny and women being seen as inferior from a debate over "composed of" vs "comprised of"? Because talking dirty is always more fun. Sonic Youth are the most overrated band of their generation Pavement would like a word.

I don't understand the people rallying to defend him on the basis of false memory. He isn't a child, he isn't suffering from PTSD. He's an experienced professional journalist at the top tier of the profession and he knows the only reason he is even in a war zone is to report verifiable facts. Right wingers aren't liars as much as they are saying things that are false that they actually believe. That's bad, but throwing it out there as if it makes Williams any less a journalistic failure is ridiculous. He did something different. He made up a better story. I just finished a rewatch of season 5 of The Wire. I hated it the first time around, but this time I really keyed in on what Simon was trying to say about the type of people who lie in the modern media, and he was right on.

They always start with something small. You know, just a little quote that they clean up. And then, then it's a whole anecdote. And pretty soon they're seeing some amazing shit. They're the lucky ones who just happen to be standing on the right street corner in Tel Aviv when the pizza joint blows up and the human head rolls down the street with the eyes still blinking. Who even knows what else in his reputation was built on taking shortcuts like this? If a journalist doesn't have trust from the audience, they don't have anything.

That level of hate for this guy is kinda worrisome This is hilarious. Ooh, here comes languagehate with his uncontrollably rage! Beware his blind, insane hatred for innocent prescriptivism! Watch him gibbering uncontrollably as the froths drips from his chattering maw! One so addicted to anger is surely not to be trusted! There is no shortage of examples showing pharmaceutical companies being dicks. Or government screwing the pooch. But, trying to do the right thing counts, in my book. At first, I thought it was a trick to see how many times I would reload a YouTube video that wouldn't play.

Gamer gets swatted while streaming before thousands of viewers I'm wondering, after reading through the incredibly sexist and depressing comments in the article, if a larger proportion of men than we realize have MRA-like attitudes about marriage, at least in NYC. And I've heard that "oh, well, if I want to wait til I'm 60 and get a year-old wife, I can. Too bad you can't," snark from a guy I know IRL. Granted he's a year-old virgin and knows very little about the realities of relationship demographics, nor about me. But it does seem like there's an attitude that marriage is a trap, and it's best put off as long as possible -- ideally, until you're getting old and need a young nursemaid.

And then, all you need is money and one will fall at your feet. And the invocation of Hugh Hefner, as though he's not an extreme outlier, as though anyone can get rich enough in this economy to live his lifestyle. I don't know where all this bullshit comes from, but I wish it would crawl back under its mysterious rock of origin.

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