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In battle Sandersonia is a playful warrior who teases and torments her victims before she crushes them. Ruling beside her sisters, Sandersonia has power over Amazon Lily and the rest of the Kuja women.

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Being a part of her sister's pirate crew, she is one of the elite Kuja warriors. She possesses an ability similar to the Mantra of the Sky Island Priests. Using this, she is able to read an opponent's movements and avoid their attacks. The sandrrsonia of the Kuja warriors implies that this is a form ssndersonia Haki. While she can do this, she being able to read an opponent's movement, although it is useless if said opponent is drastically faster than she is. Anaconda as part of some sick form of entertainment for her former Tenryuubito masters. This Devil Fruit allows her to turn into an anaconda.

While these powers are Zoan Devil Fruit based, the Kuja of the island have been made to believe that Sandersonia's and Marigold's ability to turn into snakes is part of the curse the sisters made up. In their transformed forms, the other Kuja state that Sandersonia and Marigold can do a battle formation called Saragi Dance. Her name comes from the flower Sandersonia. While Sandersonia and her sisters' title, the Gorgon Sisters, comes from supposedly slaying a monster with the same name, their concept is loosely based on the three actual mythological Gorgon sisters which includes the famous Medusa.

Sandersonia is also able to convert her hair into snake-like, snake hair was another gorgon trait.

Piece sandersonia One

Unfortunately, upon Luffy activating Gear Second, he proved too much for Sandersonia and her sister. In the middle of the fray, Sandersonia accidentally got caught on fire by her one of her sister's techniques. With her tail also tied to her sister's by Luffy, Sandersonia almost fell into the spiked pit around the arena while on fire. Though the fire was put out and she was able to reach the stands to prevent herself from falling, the fire unfortunately burned off all of her clothing, including the cape that covered her back. Luffy covers Sandersonia's back. With the cape burned, her long hair unable to cover One piece sandersonia back due to her position, and the smoke clearing, Sandersonia and her sisters' secret was about to be exposed.

However, before anyone of the Kuja in the audience could see her back, Luffy covered Sandersonia. Wondering what he was doing, Luffy explained to Sandersonia that despite the fact that she and her sisters were trying to kill him, he had no intention of killing them nor did he have the intention of allowing their deepest secret to be revealed. With Sandersonia's back covered, her sister, Hancock, ordered everyone to leave the arena. However, Hancock told that Luffy he could ask for one request, a ship or to turn Marguerite and the others back to normal.

Much to the Gorgon Sisters' surprise, Luffy asked for the latter. After Sandersonia and Marigold reverted to normal, the Gorgon Sisters decided to discuss what Luffy saw on Hancock's back. Learning that Luffy mistook the symbol for the one on his fishman friend Hatchanthey soon also learned from Elder Nyon that this man was Monkey D. Luffy, a pirate whose act of defiance against a World Noble was reported in the news. Discovering this, Hancock decided to reveal her past to Luffy despite the horrible memories it held. Having explained everything to Luffy, the Gorgon Sisters learned that Luffy completely hated the Celestial Dragons for their crimes.

With this, Hancock decided to lend Luffy their ship.

However, despite the festivities celebrated around Pidce, a more important matter soon arose that caught Sandersonia's attention. Hancock had started to behave strangely. Not knowing what was happening to her, Sandersonia and everyone else who tended to Hancock's side thought she had contracted a disease. When news of Hancock's condition reached Elder Nyon, the old woman apparently confirmed their suspicions and told them that it was something the previous empresses of Amazon Lily had died of. As all this was happening, Elder Nyon told Hancock that Luffy wanted to talk to her.

Despite her condition, Hancock decided to talk to Luffy sandersoonia. It turned out that Portgas D. Acethe one was to be executed by the World Government, was actually Luffy's older brother. The pirate asked Hancock to answer the compulsory Shichibukai call so he could join her and sneak into Impel Down where Ace was being held before his execution.

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